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We aim to produce healthy dogs that can do it all, from active family companions to wildly successful show and sport dogs. Our kennel is small, so we do not have litters often, but when we do, we dedicate hours upon hours into researching the potential pairings before choosing a stud dog, and then we put all our effort into raising sociable, well-rounded puppies that can excel in their homes. Rest assured, our dogs are our lifestyle, and we do not cut any corners when it comes to breeding or puppy rearing.



Having many years’ experience owning and training dogs, I am extremely mindful of the importance of the initial socialization windows. As such, I follow the Puppy Culture program, considered to be the gold standard of puppy rearing, with some tweaks to make the program more breed relevant (it was designed for Bull Terriers). This program sets the puppies up for life to be more social, more people oriented, better problem solvers, and more confident dogs. As a part of the Puppy Culture program, we use Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) on days 3-16 to expose the puppy to small amounts of stress, which has been proven to improve cardiovascular health, stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, and greater resistance to disease. 

As the puppies begin to hear, we play classical music for them and eventually begin to work to habituate them to sounds that can stress dogs, such as construction jackhammers, fireworks, and so on. We also practice startle recovery to create a better response to stressful stimuli later in life, and create small challenges for them to begin learning to be good problem solvers. When they become mobile, we spend a lot of time developing the desire to chase toys, and do not practice bite inhibition which can decrease prey drive. Throughout their time here, they are also introduced to countless strangers and a handful of select strange dogs.

Our extensive training experience means we have taken the time to master perfect timing and reading of canine body language. This is extremely important when applying the Puppy Culture program, because incorrect timing or misreading of body language can prevent the desired effect, or even cause more harm than good. Puppies are sensitive beings, and we believe one cannot underemphasize the importance of knowing what one is doing. 




All Fireside Fernweh puppies are sold on a strict contract that requires each puppy to be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age, or that the dog meets our strict breeding requirements prior to release of FCPR registration and release of co-ownership on UKC registration. Per our contract, no puppy sold by Fireside Fernweh may be registered as a German Shepherd Dog, nor crossbred to any German Shepherd Dog. Any such action shall constitute an immediate breach of contract. Upon completion of the puppy application, we will reach out to you within a reasonable time frame to gather more information if we think you might be a good fit one of our puppies. Because our litters are infrequent (1-2 per year), we take applications specific to each litter. A $500 holding fee is required after the puppies are born to hold your puppy. The holding fee may be refunded or transferred to a future litter if we do not end up having a puppy available that is a good fit for your family. This fee will go towards the final purchase price of your puppy. 


Fireside Fernweh will choose your puppy for you based on your application and our conversations about what you are looking for in a puppy. We are familiar with the pedigrees of the puppies, know relatives of them, and have spent the first invaluable 8 weeks of their lives with them. We use a combination of structural evaluations, temperament tests, Embark DNA results, and our own observations to match each puppy to the most suitable home. We also will register your puppy with a name we choose, beginning with the litter name (i.e., DRIVE litter puppy names will begin with Drive). Fear not - you can call your puppy whatever you like!


Our puppies generally go home the weekend after turning 8 weeks and come with the following:

  • 3 year genetic health warrantee

  • 30 day Trupanion pet health insurance

  • Current on all vaccinations and deworming

  • Microchipped

  • FCPR (FCI) & UKC Registration*

  • Embark DNA panel results

  • 6lbs bag of current dog food

  • Small bag of training treats

  • Toy that smells like littermates

  • Roll of poop bags for any stops on the way home

  • Binder including: breed standard, puppy temperament summary, puppy's vaccination records, informational packet, photo pedigree, and more

  • Fireside Fernweh bag to carry it all

Our puppies also come with lifetime breeder support and our buyers often become a part of our extended family. We encourage ongoing relationships with our puppy owners and love to receive updates!

*FCPR registration will remain in our possession and UKC will list us as the Sole Signatory with the buyer as the Successor until proof of spay/neuter or the dog has met all breeding requirements


Fireside Fernweh emphasizes the all around dog. We look for three major qualities in a breeding candidate: temperament, health, and structure/conformation. Our pairings are carefully matched after countless hours of pedigree research, consideration for the strengths and weaknesses of the bitch and possible studs, and comparison of potential options. Each breeding is done with a goal in mind, and thus we choose what we believe to be the best possible match to carry the line. 

We take pride in the accomplishments of our breeding stock and our Fireside Fernweh puppies. Although our breeding program is still young, we have begun a program based on excellence in training, showing, and trialing our foundation bitch to becoming one of the most decorated White Swiss Shepherds of her time, and as she is still young, there is more to come for her future. Aside from Furrari's own accomplishments, she is the proud dam of multiple show champions and young dogs beginning training in various activities such as search and rescue, IGP, nosework, and more.

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