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Puppy Culture

Fireside Fernweh puppies are raised following Puppy Culture's week by week socialization protocols. Puppy Culture was created by Jane Killion, a professional dog trainer, Bull Terrier breeder, and author of "When Pigs Fly: Training Success With Impossible Dogs." 

Puppy Culture was designed to provide the best possible outcomes for puppies by utilizing methodology backed by science and experience. Puppy Culture recognizes which aspects of temperament can be molded at which ages in order to maximize confidence, problem solving capabilities, dog-human communication, and sociability.

Puppy Culture's programs do not end when the puppies leave the breeder's home, but rather there is additional training content which can be implemented after the puppies go home. 


Click the Puppy Culture logo to shop Puppy Culture. We highly recommend the Stack & Deliver and Winning in Motion DVDs (or Videos on Demand if you prefer!) for training show dogs.

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